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Since its creation in 1961 the Towson Dance Studio has prided itself on bringing quality and fun via ballroom dancing to Baltimore and surrounding areas. Our community of dancers is wide reaching, and everyone has a place here that wants one: from beginners to competitive students, children to adults - we become one family. Come on in, let us prove to you that with the right combination of fun, time and training, anybody can dance, even you!

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Latest Update

 Covid-19 Update:

Dear students and teachers, we are happy to announce that Towson Dance Studio is open to public for private lessons and groups.
Remember, if you feel uncomfortable to take a lesson in person with your teacher you can always try our online lessons.   We respect whatever decision you will make and hope to see you on the dance floor.


We send out periodic newsletters to our students to let them know about everything happening with us and the studio! It’s important for us as it allows us to keep connected even when not in the studio.
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