Private & Individual Dance Lessons for Adults | Towson Dance Studio

One on One

Private lessons are definitely the best way to learn to dance.  With personal attention to your individual needs, you will make faster progress and have a better understanding of what you are trying to do on the dance floor. You  can zero in on rhythm and timing, leading and following, footwork, fancy moves — whatever area requires attention.

Learn at your own pace:

  • Make your own lesson schedule.
  • Personalized attention.
  • Specialize in any dance you like.
  • You and your teacher plan what you will work on.
  • Free use of the studio for practice (whenever space is available).
  • The most experienced staff of any dance studio teaching ballroom dance in Baltimore.

If you need to get out on the dance floor as soon as possible, we definitely recommend private lessons. You can also take a private group class which is a class just for you and your friends.

We don’t have contracts: you don’t have to sign up for a lengthy program. You can take as many lessons as you like. It’s true that you can’t learn to dance in only two lessons, but if that’s all your situation allows for, that’s OK, we will not try to pressure you into more.

For Information on Private Lessons: