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Took six lessons for Father/Daughter dance at my daughters wedding. Our instructor, Amanda, was amazing. She was incredibly patient and always positive. When we had difficulties with a particular move she always had a helpful suggestion. The studio has a friendly environment and plenty of rooms to accommodate groups or private lessons. By the way, just as Amanda said, we nailed our dance!

Make Your First Step, Your Best Step

Our teachers will tailor your lessons to meet your specific goal: a few simple lessons so you do not feel awkward, a great choreographed routine to wow your guests, or anything in between! We also teach father & daughter, or mother & son couples, or whole wedding parties. This is a lot of fun, and an experience you will always remember!

Private Lessons give you one-on-one with your teacher. If you need help with the music, or with leading and following, or with untangling your feet, or with maneuvering on the dance floor, or with building confidence, or anything else, private lessons can address each of these in detail. Or, if you just feel that you will learn better by having the teacher focus on you alone rather than a group, then you should consider private lessons. Some couples like to have a specially choreographed routine for their first dance at the wedding reception. This would definitely need to be handled through private lessons rather than group.

Group lessons give you the basics in each dance: the timing, a few basic figures or movements, and the basic information on leading and following. Some people learn better and have more fun in a group environment…and it’s less expensive. Many couples get started with group instruction to get the basics, and then go into private lessons to supplement what they’ve learned in group.

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