Genya Bartashevich - Towson Dance Studio

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Towson Dance Studio is under the direction of world-renowned dancer Genya Bartashevich and his wife Margarita. Genya is a professional dancer and a choreographer, as well as the founder of Dance-Exclusive, a company whose main focus is to create the best Pro/Am competitors in today’s ballroom industry.

Genya has many accomplishments which include:

  • US North American Amateur Latin Champion
  • US National 10 Dance Amateur and Professional finalist
  • US National South American Latin Show Dance Runner-Up
  • US North American Professional Latin Champion

His students have won titles such as:

  • Pro/Am World Ballroom Champions
  • Pro/Am US National Latin Champions
  • Pro/Am US Open 10 Dance Champions
  • Winner of The Killick Royale Championships in London
  • World Dance-Sport Series Latin Champions

Genya serves as a Professional Pro/Am Teacher subcommittee member for the Competitor’s Commission.

Genya Bartashevich

Genya Bartashevich began dancing as a child in his native Belarus.  Since coming to the United States at the age of eighteen, he expanded on his already-successful career to become US Representative to the World South American Latin Show Dance, UK Professional Latin Rising Star Semi-Finalist, US North American Professional Latin Champion, US National 10-Dance Professional Finalist and US North American Amateur Latin Champion.

As a choreographer Genya likes to challenge himself and his students: finding unique patterns that speak to the music at hand. He makes routines for amateur students, as well as amateur couples looking to compete. Genya’s students have gone on to win National level titles such as World Latin Champions, National Latin Champions and World DanceSport Series Champions. Such titles indicate not just a great talent within the student, but an incredible determination, commitment and thirst for knowledge of dance instilled by Genya.

As a teacher and coach, Genya pulls from his own experience and knowledge as well as the knowledge of his champion level dance mentors to give a true learning experience to his students. Genya doesn’t like to only teach steps, he teaches the why: Why you step a certain way, why some songs express certain things, why the timing is a certain way and countless other whys that a student may encounter. He understands the journey dance takes people through, as well as the benefits it can bring about to someone’s life. He loves to see the effect of dance on today’s children and adolescents and therefore took it upon him to  coach for the John Hopkins and UMBC Ballroom Dance Teams and Co-Found the “One Two Step Baltimore,” a dance program especially designed for inner city kids.

Genya has an unquenchable passion for everything dance because he has seen it change lives first hand. He has seen dance change the way people see themselves as their self esteem and confidence gradually improves. He has seen people turn into incredibly happy and passionate dancers that never thought they could do something like that. He takes great passion in showing his students who are professionals, students, mothers, fathers, educators, and many other things that the role of a dancer begins with one’s heart.