Lessons - Towson Dance Studio

I’ve been taking lessons at the studio for the past two years in a variety of dances. The dance staff are exemplary in their skills and understanding of each dance they teach and always open to questions in and out of class. The proficiency of the students varies from first-day beginner to competing dance professional and all are great people who are even willing to help somebody learn a new step.

One Step at a Time

We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining an enjoyable and welcoming environment for everyone to dance.
It’s simple to us: Anybody can dance.
When you come to class, it’s like meeting your friends for a fun hour of learning. There’s no nerves, no pressure, and no stress. We focus on the joy that dancing can bring!
Whether it’s private lessons or group classes, our staff is enthusiastic and passionate about what we do and we look forward to sharing that passion with you!

For Information Regarding Group Or Private Lessons: