Group Classes - Towson Dance Studio

Learning In a Social Environment

While group dance instruction does not offer the same personal attention that private lessons do, it does give you the chance to mix and have fun with others, and to practice leading and following a variety of dance partners, which is invaluable experience.

During a class you will have an opportunity to switch partners, which helps your leading or following skills enormously. Some couples do not want to do this: tell the teacher if you prefer not to switch at all (but remember that we do recommend it strongly to help you become a good leader or a responsive follower, which your partner will love.)

  • Friendly social interaction.
  • Practice leading or following other people.
  • Inexpensive.

Call now to register for the next series of classes:  (410) 828-6116.

About Four-Week Survival™ Courses ​

Ideal for an upcoming weddings or other social events that you need to survive! It’s our basic introductory ballroom course. The title was suggested by the many calls we have received over the years from people saying, “I just need to be able to survive this wedding/dance party/ company Christmas dance/bar mitzvah/gala/etc.” Many wedding couples, parents, relatives, and friends take this course to get through that event.
​One night a week, four weeks in a row (with holiday exceptions).
Ballroom Survival (Waltz, Foxtrot,American Rumba, Swing)
Beginner Level

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