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August 13, 2021

3 Factors to Keep In Mind for Couples Who Are Taking First Wedding Dance Classes

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Have you ever thought that the location, dress, and song versions will affect the dance performance in your wedding? So many wedding dance mistakes are caused by these elements that the learners and experts of dance classes ignore. Most of the brides-to-be and the grooms-to-be are overwhelmed by the choreography, but these elements should also be considered.

This is the reason; couples do not consider these aspects in the first case. But, if you are planning to have a great dance move at your wedding, you should opt for the dance classes in Baltimore to have the best lessons learned.

Luckily, you have got your back. Below, we have listed some common factors that will create preventable challenges you might face on your big day.

Where You Are Dancing

When you plan to dance at your wedding, you should measure the reception area and the dance floor. If you know the size of the ballroom dance floor, you can provide the dance choreographer with an idea about how much space is available to move. Then, the expert will choreograph the performance as per the size, ensuring that you utilize every inch and corner of the dance floor. As a result, in the end, you will take charge of the room and not bump up over the furniture present on the dance floor while dancing.

What You Want To Dance At The Wedding

The rule thumb of the dance in the wedding is choosing the dance song that will not last more than 3 minutes. This means that often you can dance on the shorter version of the song. Before the final day, you should provide the DJ or the live band with the song’s version on which you are dancing. You can also share the music file or the song’s title to make sure that the right song is being played at the event. Apart from this, the track you are rehearsing can be different from the original cropped version of the song as the DJ can add beats and tempo. So, it is better to finalize the track before giving it to the DJ or band or discuss it before the final day.

What You Will Wear In Your Wedding

One of the crucial steps you should consider is to know what you will wear at your wedding. Wedding dance classes in Baltimore do not provide dress rehearsals. Might be this is one of the main reasons why couples face wardrobe mishaps on the dance floor during the wedding. If you are wearing the mermaid dress, it will limit the movements in the wedding. If you wear the mermaid dress, you should opt for the smaller steps to avoid confusion at your wedding.

If you are wearing the bridal gown with the full skirt, it can get in the way of dancing, and the partner might fall. You should also remove the train when dancing on the floor; otherwise, you might get tangled up with the dress.

In the end, everything starting from the dance moves, what you will wear, and the song you choose affects the performance. So if you want to learn the proper wedding dance steps, you can join the classes offered by Towson Dance Studio, the best dance studio in Maryland by LUXlife Magazine.