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December 16, 2021

Insider’s Guide to Planning Your Wedding Dances

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Weddings are incomplete without guests dancing on the floor. There is hardly a better way to celebrate a couple’s union. However, some weddings do include special, traditional dances spotlighting honoured guests.

There is this first dance, where the couple takes their first spin, marking the beginning of the wedding ceremony. Then comes the parents’ dance, when the couple enjoys their special moment with the most important persons (parents) of their lives. Last but not least, the anniversary dance honours couple who have been married the longest.

Even if you are someone who loves to dance, preparing wedding dances can seem pretty hard. So, if you are ready to find out how to pull off the wedding dances for your big day, rest assured as we have got everything covered.

Towson Dance Studio is known for providing affordable wedding dance lessons for couples and their families & friends. Read on to make sure that your D-day is remembered by your guests for a lifetime.

Planning the Wedding Dances Seamlessly 

Choosing the Right Wedding Dance

Not every couple go to the stage every group dance at their wedding. It is upon you to decide which wedding dances are important in a few months in advance. Thus, you get enough time to prepare for the dance number. ca

The Right Choreographer will Make all the Difference

These days, dance choreography has become popular. While it is a no-brainer that everybody has a different learning curve. So, we always suggest starting early since things can change as the big day gets closer. Experts recommend practising the dances as much as possible to feel confident and comfortable while performing at the party. You may want to start practising 2 to three months before the wedding.

If you are planning to perform the anniversary dance or the parents’ dance at your wedding, make sure that you give enough time to participants so that they can practice and choose their preferred music as well.

Choose the Music and Prepare the Band

You want to choose the music for each different wedding dance. Also, do not forget to make sure your brand is equipped to play that music for you.

Practising the Wedding Dances

Well, this might seem pretty intimidating, but the practice is what makes things perfect. The less you have to think about the steps and remember the choreography, the more you will enjoy performing.

Dancing at the Wedding is all About Having Fun

After all, it is your big day when you are surrounded by your loved ones. There is no point in worrying about the steps in front of your loved ones who are here to celebrate your special day only. As long as you wear a big fat smile on your face and enjoy dancing, no one can take your joy out.

At Towson Dance Studio, we offer wedding dances to couples, families, and friends at reasonable prices. So if you still find our service reliable, give us a call right away.