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January 12, 2022

Should You Use A Private Instructor To Learn How To Dance?

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Are you thinking to become a dancer? A professional instructor is a must, especially if you are new to it. No matter why you want to learn dancing, learning at a pace that suits you best is what makes sense. If you are having trouble choosing between private dance lessons and group classes, you are in luck!   

Why Join a Group Dance Class?

Learners often enrol in a group class available at their nearby private dance studio. Group classes are more affordable options than private lessons. By joining a group dance class, it will be easier to decide which specific dance style suits one best. In addition, a group class takes the pressure from students, allowing every learner to learn from each other’s mistakes and share their learning experiences with each other. 

Collaboration is Key

A group class is not just for beginners; some dance styles are heavily dependent on collaboration. For example, contemporary dance is a form that keeps evolving. As this dance form requires every individual to support each other’s weight, it makes group training all the more necessary. 

In case you are a modern dancer, you will need to learn choreography that plays on the strengths and skills of every learner in the group. This is not easy in a larger group. The good news is that, in a professional dance studio, a group dance class can be as little as three or four members. This cohesive and intimate learning environment supports a sense of collaboration, placing a stronger focus on improvisation, which is a key element of genres such as jazz and contemporary dance styles. 

Do You Need One-on-One Attention?

Even the most skilled instructor cannot keep track of an entire class. Some people need personalized attention that a private lesson can offer. 

When you want to master the right technique of a dance form, a private lesson is what you should enrol in. Private lessons are the surefire way to master the correct method. Or in case if you are preparing for a solo audition, a private instructor is the only way to go. 

A private instructor will work closely with you, scheduling multiple lessons per week if needed. In an environment where your every single move is monitored, mistakes are identified quickly, one learns better. 

Personalized Learning Experience 

Dancing is a Way of Expressing Oneself

Whether you are a newbie dancer or a veteran, dance is the ultimate fun way to express yourself. While group dance lessons leave you with endless sessions of dance lessons, exhausting your energy, personalized private instruction is suitable for anyone willing to learn faster. Private teachers do not just tailor lessons according to your strengths and goals; they can also design choreographies according to your musical taste, personal style and traits. 

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