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January 7, 2022

Take Your Fitness To The Next Level With Towson Dance Studio’s Fitness Dance Classes

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If you have any interest in the world of dance, probably you are familiar with the term “fitness dance”. It is known for its corresponding mental health benefits with the improvement of physical health that exercise has to offer. The curriculum involves a cardio workout geared towards increasing muscle stamina, flexibility, and overall fitness through dancing.

The moves you will see in fitness dance classes are often borrowed from other dance styles, including social, African or Latin forms. Other fitness dance classes use ballet, like barre, as a regular dance class, with a key focus on fitness. Taking dance classes in Baltimore to get more fit is considered what we call dance fitness.

Who is Fitness Dance for?

Fitness dance is for everyone as it operates on a broad spectrum of styles and skills, with goals ranging from improved mood, increased mobility to cardio exercise, physique building & conditioning.

Almost everyone will find a style of fitness dance that suits them. Since fitness dance improves one’s physical body through rhythmic and repeated movements, it is likely to appeal to a large crowd. From beginners to seasoned students, fitness dance has something for everyone.

Apart from fitness dancing, there is an entire world of different fitness dance classes out there; dance-incorporating, trademarked fitness are to name a few. Zumba classes are popular as they involve lots of repeatable dance moves that are ideal for those looking for a cardio workout.

Fitness dance classes let you focus more on strength training and increasing the quality of movement. Barre class is on such a form of fitness dance that is inspired by the use of the barre in ballet training. You can perform the dance at your home as well. All you will need is a small mat, some free weights and a chair with a sturdy back.

Pilates, free stretching, yoga workout classes are excellent low-impact ways to tone up one’s body and improve flexibility.

Which Fitness Dance Class is Ideal for You?

Now that you know how incredibly genius fitness dance classes can be, it is time to ask yourself some questions and set realistic goals. Before signing up for a fitness dance class, make sure you assess your level of ability & fitness, figure out which disciplines of dance appeal to you. For example, if your goal is to achieve a dancer physique without being a full-time dancer, the classes inspired by jazz or ballet might be best for you.

If you do not have any specific goals yet to enjoy a certain genre of dance, you might consider taking a regular hip-hop dance class based on your skillset. Most beginner dance classes can be used as a form of fitness dance by mastering a range of motions and practising them as exercises set to music.

At Towson Dance Studio, we offer fitness dance lessons specifically curated to match your personal needs. So call us if you want to take your fitness journey to the next level with fitness dancing.